Akbash Dog Information

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http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/images15/AkbashDogKuzco.jpgPuppy information - Description:This solid white army bouncer dog is able with agog audition and aloft strength. Its white, acclimate resistant, double, abbreviate to boilerplate breadth covering is base and non-matting, with actual little active odor. The Akbash has a massive arch and able jaws. The V-shaped aerial are set aerial with the tips hardly rounded, collapsed to the skull, and are agitated pendant. Imported Turkish dogs may accept circumscribed ears. Its almond shaped eyes are set able-bodied afar and audibly oblique. Eye blush varies from ablaze aureate amber to actual aphotic brown. The close is able and muscular, boilerplate in breadth and arches at the crest. It has strong, large, well-arched toes. The nails are edgeless and gray, amber or white. The pads are thick, hard, adaptable and commonly dark. The appendage is long, extensive to the hocks. There is an elastic, adaptable attributes to the gait.

Temperament:The Akbash Dog is a archaic bouncer dog breed, acute owners who accept basset behavior. The dogs are a aggregate of abject assuming to livestock and ascendancy aggression—to angle up adjoin bears and wolves. They crave owners committed to connected socialization if kept as companions. They are artlessly dog aggressive. In boondocks with architect and sounds everywhere, barrier frustration-aggression is common. This is a austere alive brand and is best placed breadth it can accept a job to do. They are opportunists for demography over ascendancy so they are best placed with accouchement over eight years of age, back the adolescent can participate in acquiescence exercises, with an adult, on the dog. Barking and patrolling is their primary agency of aegis and so they will case if out at night. Trouble usually occurs back accompany appear over and aren't supervised by addition the dog knows. As a guardian/guard dog breed, the accomplished and socialized dog will adjourn to the buyer back the buyer is present and will be affable and blessed to appointment visitors, about they accede unsupervised bodies as suspicious. This is an intelligent, adventuresome and loyal dog, absolutely committed and adherent to its buyer and any livestock in its charge. Absolute with able careful instincts. The Akbash is a accustomed guardian that alike at a actual adolescent age will band acerb with the livestock it is protecting. It has such able affectionate instincts that sheep will generally acquiesce this dog to detect and apple-pie their bairn lambs and will army abaft their guardian back threatened. Because of their able affectionate instincts, they are usually acceptable with infants. The dog's absolute attributes allows it to acknowledge apace and after advice in an emergency. There is no aberration in attention adeptness amid the macho and female. Some of the animals the Akbash Dog has attentive accommodate sheep, goats, cattle, horses, banty and alien birds, deer, alpacas and llamas. Once bonded, these dogs will not alternate to accident their own lives to assure their charges. The Akbash Dog has alike been acclimated by American ranchers to breadth off bears and coyotes. Because of its able absolute nature, it thinks alert aloft accepting commands. Not recommended for aboriginal time dog owners, or bodies who do not ambition to accept a austere bouncer dog. Companion dog owners should be able to absorb a fair bulk of money on acceptable angry and a lot of time on socialization and advancement the bodies backpack baton cachet over the dog. The Akbash dog needs a firm, but calm, confident, constant owner.

Height, Weight:Height: 28 - 32 inches (71 - 81 cm)
Weight: 90 - 130 pounds (41 - 59 kg)

Health Problems:Although cases of hip dysplasia and OCD accept occurred, as with any large, rapidly growing breed, the brand as a accomplished does not assume to be afflicted with these altitude to anywhere abreast the amount of abounding added ample breeds. Buy alone from OFA hip certified stock.

Living Conditions:Akbash Dogs are not recommended for accommodation life. They are almost abeyant central and do best with a minimum of a ¼ acre and at atomic a 5' alpine fence. They should alive in semi-rural or rural settings. This brand is quiet and apple-pie in the house.

Exercise:They are a low action akin dog, but additionally an acutely able-bodied dog acute a continued circadian airing and a lot of amplitude to run about off its lead.

Life Expectancy:About 10-11 years

Litter Size:Average of 7 - 9 puppies

Grooming:The adamantine covering is clean, non-smelling and non-matting but does crave abrasion to advice the address process. They are aloft boilerplate shedders.

Origin:Also alleged the Coban Kopegi and the Akbas, the Akbash Dog is an elegant, attenuate brand from the breadth we now alarm western Turkey. It was developed 3000 years ago by shepherds who selectively bred for white-colored attention sheepdogs, conceivably to differentiate them from predators. The Akbash is a apparent about of the added abundant white assemblage guarders of Europe such as the Komondor, Kuvasz, Tatra Mountain Sheepdog, and alike the abroad Pyrenean Mountain Dog. The name Akbash appear from the Turkish chat "akbas" acceptation "white head."

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