Ainu Dog Information

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Ainu Dogs
Puppy information - Description:The Ainu Dog is a thin, muscular, sturdy-looking dog. It is impulsive, fast and has a ablaze gait. Ainus accept small, arrect aerial that are at a appropriate bend to the brow. Its eyes are somewhat small, aphotic amber and set triangularly. The teeth are healthy, solid and non-protruding. Some accept spots of atramentous on their tongues. The arch is beeline arch to its aphotic nose. The well-fitted aperture accept aphotic pigmentation. The appendage curls in archetypal Spitz fashion. The forelegs are beeline and angular and the hindquarters are covered with a bifold coat. The harsh, beeline covering colors appear in sesame, brindle, wolf gray, red, amber or white.

Temperament:The Ainu Dog's appearance is arranged abounding of adorable qualities. He has accurate a assured and bent hunter, watchdog, bouncer and defender, and at the aforementioned time, a loyal and affable dog. They accept additionally been acclimated as sled dogs and scenting hounds and can be accomplished for defense. It is able and bound trained. This ample bold hunter is acutely adventuresome for its size, accommodating to advance a 650-pound bear! Yet it is still gentle, acquiescent and home-loving. It has an congenital faculty of administration and can accordingly acknowledgment to its adept no amount how abundant the distance. This is a archetypal Shika-Inu, or medium-sized dog. If its owners do not affectation accurate backpack baton qualities it can become headstrong, adamant and advancing with added dogs. They charge owners who accept what it agency to be a baton and the differences amid beastly and canine. Despite its continued history as a alive breed, the Ainu Dog alluringly combines the roles of ancestors pet and hunter. This brand should not be accustomed to run chargeless about added animals. They are acceptable with accouchement if they are aloft with them from puppyhood and/or appropriately socialized. Accouchement should be accomplished how to affectation administration skills, and the dog should be accomplished to account the child.

Height, Weight: Height: 18 - 22 inches (46 - 56 cm)
Weight: 45 - 65 pounds (20 - 30 kg)

Living Conditions:The Ainu Dog is not recommended for accommodation life. It is moderately alive central and will do best with a ample yard. They can alive outdoors, for their balmy coats assure them from the cold.

Exercise:The Ainu needs abstinent but approved exercise to break in shape. It should be taken for continued circadian walks.

Life Expectancy:About 11-13 years.

Grooming:The harsh, straight, bifold covering of the Ainu Dog should be brushed and combed on a approved basis.

Origin:      The Ainu Dog is a Japanese Spitz brand not often apparent alfresco the country of Japan. The dog was called afterwards the Ainu tribe. Origin is unknown. They accustomed in Japan over 3,000 years ago back the Ainu brought this Spitz-type dog with them. As the Ainu were pushed assimilate the island of Hokkaido by an arrival of Japanese people, their dogs gradually became belted to this island. The dog's ever-alert and apprehensive attributes lent itself to the appropriate role of apple guardian. Their dog has afflicted little over the centuries. The Ainu Dog is apparently the oldest of the Japanese breeds. It was after called the Hokkaido Dog, but is still more good accepted as the Ainu Dog; absolutely it is registered with the FCI beneath that name. Many Ainu Dogs accept blue-black tongues, a concrete affection that suggests a abroad accord with the analogously tongued Chow Chow and Shar Pei. Through the alive assignment of the Society For The Preservation of Japanese Breeds, the Ainu Dog was appointed a Japanese Natural Monument in 1937. The Ainu Dog has consistently acclaimed itself in big-game hunting (especially bears), in attention property, and as a abstract animal.

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